I’m feeling much better. I had enough energy to empty out a couple more boxes from my office yesterday. We had a very lovely dinner at Veritable Quandary in Portland right on the river. Very yummy food and nice place. I had chicken and black eyed peas, yum. We skipped dessert but I had an after dinner decaf cappuccino.

I’m much more calm about the diet thing. The test doesn’t say anything other than there was more sugar in my body than my body could process, after a breakfast, first thing in the morning. It doesn’t mean I have gestational diabetes. It just means it’s time to be better at my food. Gestational diabetes is pretty common and it generally goes away once the baby is born. So I know I’m more at risk of getting it, given my family and personal history. I’m ready to stop messing around. I think I’m already past the initial shock of removing sugars and simple carbs, there wasn’t that much in my diet to cut out in the first place. I will now keep an emergency bag of cashews in my purse instead of clif bars. Anyway, things are good, I might start posting some recipes or some of my food journal, hopefully it’ll help inspire other pregnant women out there to see all the yummy stuff that’s out there even without simple carbs and sugars. Tonight it’s eggplant Parmesan. I’m sad at the idea that I can’t get lingonberry juice from Ikea, but my baby is worth going without for 4 months.

We’re in serious nesting mode. We found a dining room table last night on Craigslist and we’re going to pick it up tomorrow morning. I hope we can enlist some help to get it into our house, because the top is too heavy for me to lift. It’s a great, thick mission style dining room table with 10 chairs. Just in time for our housewarming party. I set up the crib and I’m hoping to have time today to exchange the mattress. I got the wrong size. This weekend we are putting together the grill and probably finding more furniture off craigslist. We may even look at fridges. We hope to have a lot of stuff taken care of this weekend and hopefully be done with the bulk of move-in stuff, except for getting our sewer line fixed, but yeah, we won’t think about that right now.

our new table


Tonight we go see Rogue Wave at the Wonder Ballroom (after a nap). Things are looking up. Next week will be a very busy week at work, but I’m hanging in there. I’ll go hang out at Tom’s work for a change of scenery.


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  1. Good for you Alanna! I love sweet things and can relate. Cashews are really tasty. I buy those prepackaged almonds from TJ and eat them for lunch together with cut fruits (not good about cooking). Pumpkin seeds (pepitas) are also delish and additionally are a good source of iron, 25% daily need per serving. (I’ve been reading up a lot on nutrition as my spouse has blood pressure and cholesterol issues.) Congrats on the baby and the beautiful house!

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