Happy 90th Birthday Dad

Would you ever believe what. crazy world we live in now? It is truly a mad, mad, mad world. Having lived through the end of the depression and world war ii, the korean war, the civil rights movement, and so much more, you never told me how “normal” apocalyptic times would feel. They probably just […]

A Letter to my students

Hi Students, I have some important thoughts to share with all of you.  So… I just turned in the final grades. You all pulled off what I didn’t think was possible under the circumstances. I’m completely blown away. A little bit nervous too, and really touched by all of the kind words that you’ve been sending […]

More Good News

Dang it, life is so overwhelming. And I want to start writing in this thing every day. But I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel. I’m pretty sure the hamster wheel would allow me 5 minutes for a blog post. So yeah let’s do this thing. This morning, I looked at my email and […]

Supporting Students During Covid-19

I posted this article on Medium. About a month ago I presented slides to educators at my code school about how to support students during the pandemic. I got a lot of good feedback so I wanted to share them further. Here’s the sideshow. Some key points from the article: Acknowledge that we aren’t just […]

Portland Resources for Covid-19

The following is a random assortment of resources for people in Portland Struggling from various challenges posed by Covid-19 and it’s impact on life. Small Business and Non Profit Resources https://prosperportland.us/portfolio-items/portland-small-business-relief-fund/?fbclid=IwAR1y8I6ArKUqi9grmkBBzhV8BxScq2XmRn-uD7Qcj0zlLozBzrS8-a9ZJgYThis one is only open until April 1, and you get cash in hand by next Friday. Wowza. Our senator has a great list of resources […]