Ceti Constellations

I’ve been helping ceti.institute get up and running by helping get a website up and helping with organization tasks. It’s been such an honor to work with Nandini and her crew and I hope it continues forever and ever! We’re organizing a bunch of creatives, scientists, mathematicians and like-minded people to build fun projects for […]

78 weeks ago

Here’s the moment I realized something was wrong. I didn’t know what yet, that would take months, and things would get much worse. But this is the moment I realized I couldn’t hear the music anymore. The world felt black and white.

Gratitude: A Bad Cold

I know, this is a weird one to be grateful for. But maybe we can be grateful for anything. I got sick friday night with a sore throat. I drank a bunch of rum and non diary eggnog, it’s a great combo if you have the chokey coughs. I spent most of the day Saturday […]

Gratitude – Time Passing

Generally I’m not a great fan of time passing. My kid is getting older, I’m getting older, there aren’t enough hours in the day or the week or the month or year. Time passes more and more quickly as you get older, it has something to do with dopamine, I read it in a magazine […]

Gratitude – Rock

Wow, haven’t had time to do my daily gratitudes. But this one’s a big one. Gratitude for Rock N Roll Camp for Girls and the adult camp: Liberation Rock Camp. I attended for the second time this weekend and the whole weekend blew my mind. You cannot find a more supportive, kick-ass group of womxn […]

Gratitude – Depression

I’ve noticed my depression and fatigue coming back as well as some TMJ. And things are hard. So gratitude is in order I am so very grateful for my husband to hear me say in a very clinical way “I am exhibiting signs of depression, and this frustrates me.” and for him to just listen, […]

Gratitude – Love

It’s after midnight! So that means I get to post my gratitude for tomorrow (today) and I’m grateful for that! I’m grateful that my friend sent me a text message response to an “I’m on my way” and she said “Thank you! I love you!” and that made me giggle out loud and kind of […]

Gratitude – Asshole

Hey, what if I posted about gratitude in November every day? Let’s try it out. I am incredibly grateful that my husband actually heard me this year tell him that every holiday season he turns into an asshole. I say if every year, very matter of factly, because it’s been true, I’ve learned to expect […]

Random Fall Thoughts

I’ve recently discovered that wheat doesn’t hurt me anymore. It’s been 7 years of almost no wheat. I can’t stop. There are so many things to eat. Everywhere I go, there is something that I’ve missed, and I can just…. eat it. Today I ate a donut. It was SOOOOOO GOOOOODDDDDDDD. I did hot yoga […]

Catalina and Heroku

Hello! If you’ve installed Catalina on Mac and are trying to do Heroku builds, you’ll need to do a few things to get it to work. Catalina (the new MacOS) has issues with the heroku CLI install. You will have to install brew https://brew.sh/ and use the brew install instructions. https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/heroku-cli. brew.shHomebrewThe missing package manager for macOS (or […]