Less than 10 apples to go and I barely have the energy to get through the day, let alone make some fan fare for my apples. So sad! I can’t promise things are going to get any better in the next week either. The apple project might just peter out into dull, boring oblivion. Anyone got one last fantastic recipe for me?

apple 356
apple 356 was eaten while being all stressed out at how much work there is to do before Christmas.

apple 355
Apple 355 on a short break in the backyard with Mississippi

apple 354
Apple 354 – working, working, working

apple 353
Apple 353 – a hot cider at Tricia’s Christmas Concert at Tabor Center

apple 352
Apple 352

apple 351
Apple 351

apple 350
Apple 350 at the Everette Street Bistro with Tom, Ellie, and roomate (Rael?) after our opening.

apple 349
Apple 349

apple 348
Apple 348 – Christmas cards