apple 182 and laughing cow cheese
Apple 182
I’m on the South Beach diet which has a fruit ban for the first couple of weeks or “phase one.” Because of my resolution to eat 365 apples, I have to make an exception. I ate this apple with some fat free laughing cow soft cheese.

apples 178 179 180 181
Apples 178, 179, 180, and 181
The reddish ones are Jazz apples, very sweet and always a little funny looking, which I like. Mississippi head-butted me in the face during this bunch of apples and it was very hard to eat them. My front tooth is still sore a week later. Bad dog!

apple 177
I almost forgot to take a photo of apple 177. I had to pull it out of the trash. It was a Jazz from Whole Foods and it was delicious. I ate it at Flickerbox, Portland where I enjoy an occasional work day out of the home. Their offices are in downtown Portland very near Powell’s so it’s a nice break from working out of our spare bedroom.

apple 176
Even though it was very irresponsible of us to buy fireworks with a fresh-out-of-the-pound pup, I bought them non-the-less form a tent fireworks place in a parking lot. I ate apple 176 feeling very proud of my purchase. Is ends up that Mississippi doesn’t mind fireworks anyway.

apple 175
Apple 175 was eaten as I busily printed out photos to use as reference for a new small painting series.

apples 171 to 174
Apples 171, 172, 173, and 174 were eaten as I got caught up with all the things that piled up when we were on vacation in Cape May for the week.

apple 170
Apple 170 was stuffed inside a pork tenderloin that we made for Tom’s (and my) family in Cape May. Pork loin, potatoes, couscous salad (by Marita), sausage and honeydew melon, yum.

apple 169
Apple 169 was probably my most favorite apple yet. I got it at a bakery in Cape May. I think it was technically called a turnover. It took several sessions to eat the whole thing and I shared a little too.

apple 168
Apple 168 was eaten on the porch of the large house we stayed at in Cape May.

apple 167
Tom and I had a lovely day on a North Cape May Beach. That’s where I ate apple 167.

apple 166
Apple 166 was eaten at the Cape May Lighthouse and wildlife refuge where I paid a quarter to look at some swans and get eaten by mosquitoes.

apple 165
Apple 165 was also eaten on the Cape May porch. I thought I would get a lot of reading in Cape May but I ended up just carrying the Botany of Desire around with me everywhere. Only got halfway through. I did finish the first chapter on apples however!

apple 164
Apple 164 was eaten on the way to Beach Haven New Jersey to see some friends of ours.

apple 163
I ate apple 163 the first morning we woke up after arriving in Cape May. I told the whole family about my apple resolution and they were rooting for me all week.

apple 162
Apple 162 was eaten while packing up Mississippi’s things for her week long boarding “sleepover” at Rockin’ Roxy’s. I cried when I dropped her off.

apple 161
Apple 161 was eaten while packing for our trip to Cape May to see the whole family. Tom has 8 brothers and sisters and almost all of them have paired up and/or procreated. That makes a whole lotta family.

apple 160
Apple 160 was eaten while I marvelled at how much less trouble Mississippi gets in if we just let her destroy some sticks in the living room. TGFS – thank goodness for sticks.