apple 197
I’m trying to train myself to keep the right side of my desk clean so that I always have space to draw. Apple 197 was enjoyed while reminding myself to clear the clutter.

apple 196
apple 196 was eaten as an apple sauce that I made in my crock pot. I had it with corn on the cob and an Italian Sausage.

apple 195
apple 195 was eaten after I got back from a two day drawing workshop at OCAC with Nicole Gibbs. It is sitting on the pile of drawings I did over the weekend.

apple 194
apple 194 was eaten in the morning before class. Mississippi had found both of these bottles that morning and used them as her ‘keep away’ items. She finds things that she knows she isn’t supposed to have and then makes us chace her for them. I had been wondering where these two bottles of ink had gone.

apple 193
apple 193 was eaten with my daily glass of vegetable juice. I couldn’t really stand vegetable or tomatoe juice without vodka in it until I started this South Beach Diet. I don’t mind it anymore.

apple 192
apple 192 was eaten after planting a bunch more flowers in the garden in the front of our house. This area used to be dead grass.

apple 191
I made some apple sauce in my crock pot. Apple 191 is the first of the batch.

apple 190
apple 190 was sauteed with chard and shallots, and served with an italian sausage, kraut, and mustard.

apple 189
apple 189 was eaten after I finished cutting up more treats for Mississippi. She’s in a new class now and I need to make sure she’s got enticing treats. All of our classes are held outside in parks.

apple 188
apple 188 was sliced up and eaten with an italian sausage.

apple 187
apple 187 was eaten after I put up latice to protect my beautiful garden from my vegetable loving dog.

apple 186
apple 186 was eaten after spending some time trying to unpack my office and organize it to make it look intentionally organized instead of looking unpacked.

apple 185
apple 185 was eaten along with a glass of water and apple cider vinegar which is suppose to be a wonder cure-all.

apple 184
apple 184 was eaten after finally replanting Tom’s bonsai.

apple 183
apple 183 was eaten with my daily South Beach Diet veggie juice.