The Pippin I picked up last week at Rainbow marks apple #15. It was delicious, with a sort of meaty texture and mild flavor. I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Yvonne pointed out — that apples aren’t in season right now. It gives me something to look forward to. After eating out of season apples for so long, I’ll really know how to appreciate an in-season apple.

I learned that there are several varieties of Pippins and I lost my sticker, so I have no idea what kind of Pippin this is. Maybe a fall Pippin?

My Pippin is probably related to an old english variety. Apples are usually pollinated with honey bees and Orchard Mason Bees (aka Jelly-belly bees). Sometimes Queen bumble bees help out as well.


Apple #16 was a Gala that I gobbled down after walking up the Filbert steps to Coit Tower. It is unbelievably beautiful outside. All of us San Franciscans should all go climb a hill today. This weather is not to be believed. I forgot my camera! Hopefully tomorrow will be equally stunning. The Gala was pretty stunning too. Juicy and sweet and nice to eat.