Hi Students, I have some important thoughts to share with all of you. 

So… I just turned in the final grades. You all pulled off what I didn’t think was possible under the circumstances. I’m completely blown away. A little bit nervous too, and really touched by all of the kind words that you’ve been sending me. 

When I made the decision to make this class entirely point-based, and not so much on the skills assessment level. I’d considered my few experiences with teaching Interactive Media I and II and with all that’s going on in the world (pandemic, civic uprising, locusts), decided let’s just do points. If you turn it in, you get the points. I expected a range of point values, there always is. My experience has been, even if I throw points at you (let’s pretend points are bouquets), about half of you won’t catch them. Turns out, you all caught most of them. Holy moly! Most of you did more than you needed to! The grade range was B, A- and A. If there was an A+ available many of you would have gotten one.

I’m a little nervous they’re going to look at my grades and go, “wut???” So do me a favor, if you’re asked, please start reciting html/css/javascript at the person to show them how much I taught you!!!! Or something… I don’t know what.

BUT on a more serious note. I didn’t hound you on requirements for your projects and many of them are not near a state of completion. My requirement as your teacher is that you complete 2 projects, one of them portfolio-worthy. So MY REAL FAVOR is this. PLEASE work on your favorite of the two projects, fix it, clean it up, polish it, make it pretty, it’s going to end up in your portfolio. OK? And when you do, send me the link. And feel free to ask me advice on fixing things. Your projects are my investment too, you know? I teach because I love to see people make cool stuff, and I want to help.
OK, more videos coming tonight and maybe the last few tomorrow. Getting them out to you one by one.

Thank you for all being so awesome. 

XOXO -Alanna