yeah, Iâ??m a gadget geek

So, this week, Bradley told me to get a Flickr account and a Technorati account. Flickr is cool. It’s much cooler than I ever imagined it could be. You can take pictures from your camera phone and they will get posted directly to your weblog. Now this got me thinking. When I am in France, if I had a camera phone, I’d be able to document my whole experience in real time to share with you, my faithful reader.

I was sold, I needed a camera phone immediately. We went to T-Mobile (actually I disguised my desires to go to T-Mobile by suggesting we go for a nice walk through the park and then we could just “stop by” the T-Mobile store before we grab a coffee at Canvas. We went into the T-Mobile store and pretty soon I was starting to convince myself that I needed to go full-on portable digital device. I was looking at a Palm but I really hated the keyboard. Then Tom saw the Sidekick. Now I’ve heard quite a lot of fantastic things about the Sidekick from Evany. I wasn’t totally sold at first, it’s pretty bulky and the model they had was all busted up. But I got to use another one that was in good shape and started realizing, hey, this thing is actually pretty damn cool. It’s easy to type, I can Yahoo! Instant message from it. It’s got a great little camera, a speaker phone, email, web browser, it’s a very tiny, fully functioning computer.

This is great for me and my busy schedule. I won’t have to lug my laptop to the studio and I can talk to Tom via Yahoo IM in between classes. So to make a long story short, I am now the proud owner of a sidekick. I am so excited I can’t stand it. So you, my dear reader, will be seeing a lot more of my life now. So I sure hope you like photos.