work work work

I am trying to get all my homework done this weekend so that I can hang out with Oona on Wednesday. It’s her 5th birthday. I gotta get her some presents. Damn, what to get her. If you were 5 and you really liked pink, what would you want?

I am almost done with my mapping project, which is due Tuesday. My paper, which is due Thursday is half done. I have sadly given up on the children’s book illustration class. I haven’t done work for it in over two weeks. I am still going to class but I told the teacher it would be a miracle if I completed anything. I worked 35 hours last week. This week I start class #4 and I’ll probably fall over.

I can’t stop buyinmg things. Yesterday I bought the Rosetta Stone French Learning CD ROM. We used to test them when I worked at Apple and I think they are really great. Still, it’s silly to spend so much money for a three week trip to France. But I guess I’m just silly.