Tuesday is ok

Hi, Today isn’t as bad as yesterday. I just had to learn to accept my fate yesterday. This job is teaching me patience and calm, or something like that.

I had my first critique for my children’s book class last night. I was very under prepared and am a little intimidadted by how talented everyone in the class is, but they seemed to like my idea and I think I’m on the right track. Now I just have to do the work! I think this might be a good excuse to get some of that canvas paper I’ve been wanting to try out. I think I might have to paint my monsters in acryllic instead of my initial idea of watercolors.

Today I have painting class. Our next assignment is a “mapping” assignment. I’ve been having trouble finding information on the interweb about mapping but saw some interesting articles in the Guardian that I think are on track with what I’m supposed to be doing. I guess I’ll find out more today. We are seeing slides and are getting a print out of an article about mapping. Maybe that will help. Since we didn’t paint last Thursday, I was hoping to get started today. Must just be a slow week all around. I will just have to accept the fate of this week.