Tech Republic article by  from October 20, 2016.

Research released last month from CompTIA identified a lack of role models as one of the main factors discouraging girls from considering careers in tech. Only 37% of girls age 10-17 know of someone with an IT job, CompTIA found.

Awareness is also a problem: Of girls who have not considered an IT career, 69% reported that they did not know what opportunities were available to them, and 53% said additional information about career options would encourage them to consider an IT role.

“We found that while all these kids understand tech from a gadget and device perspective, they don’t really understand what an IT career could be—their idea is that they could only work at a helpdesk, or in an IT department,” said Carolyn April, senior director of industry research at CompTIA. “But a tech career could be a million different things in a million different industries.”

“Once girls learn what is available, their interest is just as piqued as the boys,” April said.