The Tech Gender Gap: The Lack of Women Coders and the Movement That’s Fixing It

I recently wrote an article about the lack of women coders.

Women programmers are almost as rare as unicorns. Take a peek into any developer meeting and you’ll most likely find one or two women surrounded by room full of men. It’s a subject that has been passionately investigated by many institutions and organizations, but simply shedding light on the problem hasn’t seemed to have made a difference. The alarmingly low number of women in software development has been well documented. An internet search for “women in tech” generates a lengthy list of articles investigating well known issues such as a hostile “brogrammer” work environment for women, or pay disparities and lack of advancement opportunities. Young women are still being discouraged from pursuing degrees in computer science (math class is tough!), and if they make it through school, they face a rough road in the tech industry. The term “gender diversity” is batted around freely in most major tech companies but the numbers still don’t increase. With all this talk and little results to show from it, diversity in the tech industry is literally a joke.