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Unsplash Expands its Libraries

This is so cool!!!! Unsplash now gives you easy access to awesome image libraries like: New York Public Library of Congress Geological Survey Mind blown. More here:

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Best Wireframing Tools

A nice article by Creative Bloq on the best wireframing tools out there. On the Freebee list: Penultimate, Pencil, Mockflow, Framebox, Hot glue And don’t forget… pen and paper Wireframing tools There’s nothing quicker than grabbing a pen and paper Yes. An actual pen. And some real made-from-wood paper. Okay, so these don’t allow you […]

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Embrace 960

The website has templates of every flavor to create websites based on 960 pixel wide designs. Available for your downloading and designing pleasure are templates for Photoshop, here Fireworks, even Visio (eck) and a nice CSS template as well. So go forth and multiply!

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ashes and milk

another great website. Ashes and milk is a site showcasing the work of textile, wood, metal and 2D artists. The design combines photographs with simple css styles to make a great, simple, textural site.

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