A Post Not Really About Amy Stein's Talk at Blue Sky

I saw Amy Stein speak about her work at the Blue Sky Gallery in Portland on August 1st, 2009. I love her work, especially the series currently on display at Blue Sky and it was a real treat to hear her speak. I find a great deal of similarities in our work but I was […]

Dreaming about painting

The other day in the studio, I felt more free with my oil paints than I had in a while. I have no deadlines, no destinations, and no plan. I just know I have to been working up the canvas, and that it might take me a long time to get there. It felt so […]

Vik Muniz Tonight at CCA

Vik Muniz will be speaking tonight at CCA. Vik is probably most famous for his portraits done in chocolate sauce. He likes to use unconventional mediums in his art making such as dust, sugar, catsup, or peanut butter and jelly. Vik Muniz Graduate Studies Lecture Series Tuesday, October 14, 7 pm Timken Lecture Hall, San […]