Save Toby the Bunny

save toby

Here is the beginning of a painting inspired by the website I call it “Wash up before dinner.” I saw this website last night and I just about fell on my face. The story goes: a man decided to ask for $50,000 by June 30th in exchange for sparing a very cute bunny’s life. If he can’t raise the money, he’s going to have the bunny humanely butchered and then he will eat him. His website comes equipt with recipies for popular bunny dishes.

How can you not want to help this poor, defenseless bunny. I think with all the craziness going on in the world, we need a kick in the pants like this every once in a while. I fully support this man, although I will be really sad if the bunny has to die. You might find it sick, I find it very telling of the times. This is a product of how accessible the world has become. Without the internet, ths guy probably wouldn’t have gotten a dime. This is viral marketing at it’s finest. I find it so fascinating. Remember the woman who made a very decent living, but racked up about $80,000 in debt over fancy shoes and purses? The world donated money to her to help her get out of debt, just because she asked them to. Why is this so different? Yes, it’s a gimmick, a very successful one, and my hats off to the man… and to Toby for being so damn cute. Bunnies truelly are the new monkeys.