Sad the weekend’s gone

Where did it go? Yesterday we packed up my cat painting “Reclining Nude” to get it ready to ship off to Arlington VA to it’s new owner. We got Tom a new producer’s desk at Guitar Center and I spent the rest of the day studying at a cafe while Tom tore apart the apartment to set up his new studio. I got most of my paper done that’s due this week but it still needs a little work. We had a nice dinner and watched Lost in Translation. I was so tired I went to bed at about 10:30 but read a little bit about Miro before passing out. I decided Miro was a very cool dude.

Today I got up, bought some sandals, picked up some groceries at Whole Foods and tried to work on paper #4 which is due next week. I didn’t get far. My Western Civ class isn’t all that much fun. The textbooks are so dry. It’s really painful. No wonder so many young kids drop out of college. The core classes really do just suck your brain dry. Tonight we are having champaigne, cheese, olives, and a nice roasted chicken and I’ll probably work on my paper more. Or maybe I will just drink wine and listen to Alistair Cook. That sounds better.

I am not getting anywhere in my children’s book illustration class. It is clearly a casualty of my contract being extended and that makes me sad, but the money I’m earning will send me to France, so it can’t be all that bad. Still I have one more class starting on March 5th and if my project isn’t done soon, I really will keel over. 4 classes, 30 hours of work, um no, that’s insane.

Tomorrow I have to leave work a little early to go to a meeting about the France trip, then I rush off to my class in Oakland at 7:15, and back home after a very long Bart trip and bus trip. It’s going to be an insanely busy day. I won’t be home til about 11:30pm. It’s all about the peanut butter sandwiches, baby. And um, cappucinos.