PDX First Thursday Highlights for August

Last night’s First Thursday was a big buzz. So many people! So many hipsters in glitter and boas. Such a great scene. I love this town.

Mike Bragg at Ogle
Videos, photo studies and specimen jars of rootlike objects. Obsessive detail. Very very cool. Beautiful installation.
Mike Bragg

Mike Bragg

At The Life Art Gallery. I don’t know who the artist is. I was hoping to find out on the website bt nothing is posted. The whole gallery, loft included as a giant installation of a clear cut, plus tree heaven. So, so cool.

The Life Gallery

The Life Gallery

Palarmin Merges at Blackfish
I wish I had taken more photos but follow the link to Blackfish Gallery and see lots more. Her work was quirky and charming, as was she.
Palmarin Merges

There was so much more great art last night. This was the first time I brought my little camera instead of my big one and I’m kicking myself. Might have to go back on a weekend to get more.

I love you Portland!