Painter’s Block

I couldn’t paint today. I actually unpainted. I started two paintings and then decided they were crap and painted over them. I decided I would go home directly from class and finish my paper (due Thursday) so that I could concentrate on painting all day tomorrow. I instead updated Indiegeek with lots of new reviews and did a lot of web surfing. I did get half done on the paper, so I could theoretically postpone until Thursday am, but tomorrow night Birdmonster plays at the El Rio and it could be a late night. What should I do? Procrastinate until the last minute, of course! Tomorrow I paint til I drop.

Totally off subject. I really wish I had double the hours per day so I could redesign poor, poor indiegeek. I am really tempted to bring my computer to France with me to work on designs when I’m not painting. It’s a bad idea. I need to draw, draw, draw and paint, paint, paint while I am there. I can come up with a design without the use of a computer, people did that sort of thing years before there was ever desktop publishing. I can do it, I don’t need no electricity and wires. I have scrapbook alphabet stamps, that’s all a girl really needs.