I was looking for help on an annoying javascript problem when I came across something called dartitis. It sounds very confusing. What worries me is how serious these people are. dartitis faq

fire truck bell

I have a pretty good view from my window at work. I’m starting to recognize the same people every day. There is a girl who walks her little daschund in the late afternoon. They are my favorite regulars. The dogs ears flop around when he runs.

In the mornings there are three large carts of toddlers being pushed by daycare workers. Today as they were being given their morning stroll, a fire truck drove up to the light. They rang the fire bell and tooted their horn. It was very cute. The kids were excitedly pointing.

The Turk Express

I work on Embarcadero and Folsom. Usually I scoot home down Howard to 9th to Fell. On the way home tonight I was day dreaming. I turned down 6th instead of 9th. I ended up taking Harrison to 6th to Turk to Stanyan. It was so fast and there were so few cars. I hit all the lights going up Turk. It was a great way to go. I might go that way more often. My only close call was scooting up the Stanyan hill, some guy was driving down the wrong side of the street. I guess the double yellow line was a new concept to him. Anyway, Stanyan is so wide there, it didn’t really faze me.

Canvases ready

This week is the beginning of the spring semester. I have several canvases primed and ready. I wonder what the semester has in store for me.

Howdy Word Press

I thought it might be time for me to switch over to the world of database driven weblogs. I’ve been doing stuff strictly old school and it might be time for a change. I’m afraid to give up my old ways. But I will be brave.

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