tossing eggs off buildings

Remeber that science experiment you did in elementary where you had to insulate an egg somehow so that it could withstand being dropped from the roof of the science building? Well, what they don’t tell you is that it’s actually preparing you for that time in your life when you have to package something valuable and send it through the US Postal Service. I must have done really bad in that experiement because I shipped off a painting and was so impressed with how perfectly the box was sized to the painting, that I didn’t think about US Postal workers using it as a football during lunch hour flag football practice. (wow, that was a long run on sentance!) One of the corners of my encaustic painting got chipped and I feel really bad about it.

domestic mad woman

I went on some sort of domestic rampage today. I bought a new dish rack, sheets, pillow cases, light bulbs, aluminum foil, a new dining room table, a new pillow, and ltos of groceries and wine from Tradeer Joe’s. I was unstoppable. I would have bought a dresser if it had fit in our car and I intend to buy some book shelves before the week is through. I got a great 50s or 60s blue-green formica dining room table. It’s only 24″ x 30″ but has two leafs that extend to a decent sized table. We have a very tiny kitchen so this is a fantastic adition to our house. We had fajitas for dinner and extended one of the leafs. We can now have both dinner plates and say, a owl of bread on the table at the same time. Or say, dinner plates and a salad bowl. No more waiting til the end of the first course to have salad. I can have salad any time I want.

I have this terrible habit of getting up from the dinner table every 5 seconds to get something. Maybe I won’t have to now. And then after we are done eating and can lower the extra leaf, viola! A small, compact table reappears. Now we can have dinner guests over without doing weird plate juggling and balancing. We are living large now.

I should say that getting rid of our old, round wooden table is very sad. It’s a beautiful table and I will miss it. But now I have expandable leafs! and funky

Farewell Johnny Carson

I grew up with Johnny Carson. I was born in 1970 and as a child, I’d sneak into the living room to watch Johnny. I had to talk my parents into letting me stay up late. I personally connected to Johnny because he was very shy. He had to face overwhelming stage fright every night before he went on the air. It really helped me. I was so shy as a kid and knowing that this talk show host, a man who had dedicated his career to talking in public, was also shy. It made my own shyness not soo daunting. Thank you Johnny. We will miss you.

A nice salon article about Johnny.

Here is the news article that came out this morning

so many weird dreams

I had so many weird dreams last night. One after the other. In the last one, I was reading my weblog in the future. I was a successful software developer. I seemed happy and seemed to have lots of friends but there didn’t appear to be any art in my life. I was reading about my life in 2008.

Another crazy dream I had was about the bass player from Nada Surf. I was not returning his affections and he started to hunt me down to kill me. I think manyeb I was in the band because I knew the other members intimately. He started executing people n front of me. Close friends and their children. A man in a big bird costume rescued me twice during hot pursuits. I told him he should think about taking his costume off once he dropped me off so that he wouldn’t be recognized. I joked saying “That is your costume, right?” Except for big bird, it was a very gorey and horrifying dream.

Another dream involved Paul Liszewski and a lot fo my friends from Apple. It was a ust a weird social dream. Carolyn Hastings was there too,

The first of the dreams I was on a large ship, some sort of clipper ship or saling ship. I was going to be in charge of the ship for a few hours and had gone to shore one last time to get some Starbucks because I was tired from lack of sleep. Weird!

good girl

I was a very good girl today. I was really cranky and didn’t want to do some things that I need to do but aren’t very fun. I enjoyed some napping time with Tom which made the icky stuff seem a lot better. I finished a simplified version of Carol’s site so I can teach her how to update her own website. It wasn’t all that painful but you know, I just didn’t want to do it.

Then after a very nice dinner of bacon wrapped chicken and some gnocchi with freshly made pesto sauce, I went through most of my Quicken stuff and started to get ready for tax season. I was much worse at keeping track than I was last year and it’s hurting me now. My Quicken data is so out of wack.

Now I’m going to read my western civilizations book and go to bed. Tomorrow I will probably do arty stuff all day.

We decided to look into getting a storage space. There are some by Tom’s work that are $80 a month. I think we need it. We are going a bit nuts lately in the house. Esepecially with all the paintings piling up. I’m looking forward to finding our closet again.

I think we may buy some nice bookshelves tomorrow to replace the ones that are disintegrating in our living room right now.

spam craigslist, go to jail

Spammers who take advantage of people posting on Craigslist make me soooo mad. I just responded to a spammer with this email:

I specifically checked a box on my ad that it is NOT OK to contact me about other offers. This means YOU!!! You aren’t going to make any friends by responding to ads like this. Especially since you have no website, have no information about who you are and include really stupid graphics in your email. Stop spamming craigslist users.
We don’t want your crap.

Ooooh! I am so mad!

Friday iPod Rotation

I’ve got some great music on my iPod Today. I’ve just got it on shuffle. “Alanna radio” is what I like to call it. I’ve been listening to lots of Long Winters, M. Ward, Neutral Milk Hotel, Decemberists, Lambchop, Jon Vanderslice, Jayhawks, and some old jazz organ with Brother Jack Mc Duff. It’s so nice outside and it’s Friday afternoon. Two days of freedom and painting are ahead of me.

Last night we listened to Nick Lowe – The Convincer. One of the greatest albums ever.

possible art show and 2nd day of painting class

There was a call for artists for a show that might be promising. It’s sponsored by Cartoon Network and Adult swim. It could be perfect for me. I don’t have enough encaustic paintings. It makes me want to paint more of them, quick-like. Maybe Sunday I can get some work done.

Yesterday’s painting class was so great. This is going to be a fantiastic semester for me. I can feel it. I really like my painting teacher and it’s nice to have John in class with me. I’m shy around strangers. He was introducing me to everyone. I felt like the newest member of a club. I started one large and two small abstract paintings. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this semester.

can’t stop

Um, I can’t stop posting to my new weblog. It’s just too exciting. I feel like I have access to the outside world again from my little, issolated desk. And I can’t stop. I’m totally out of control. When I’m not posting to my weblog, I’m thinking about features to add to it.

You know what else I love? Maybe even more than my weblog? My new Zojirushi Mr Bento Lunch jar. I just got it in the mail yesterday. Today was my first bento jar lunch experience. I had breaded eggplant with pasta and red sauce. I made it last night. Now I am having some vanilla yogurt with fresh kiwifruit slices and some fresh carrots and cauliflower. I can’t wait to get home, wash it up and fill it up again for tomorrow.

painting 140b

I started my painting class yesterday with Glenn Moriwaki at SF City College. I’m so excited. I think it’s going to be a really great class. We are going to end up with 10 paintings this semester. That is a whole lot of paintings. It’s going to be hard work but I’m sure I will get a great benefit out of this class.

scooter ouch

After just three hours of work yesterday, I went outside and found someone had backed into my scooter, badly denting the engine cover. I make sure I park in spaces that leave plenty of room for other cars to get in and out. There was no reason for them to hit my scooter. They didn’t take responsibility for it, they just drove off. I’m really sad. It’ll cost me a couple hundred dollars to fix. But why bother when someone else is going to do it again? I know, it’s just the price you pay living in the big city. Still I can’t help but be sad.

Whoever out there hit a scooter on Embarcadero and Folsom yesterday, you should be ashamed of yourself.


I was looking for help on an annoying javascript problem when I came across something called dartitis. It sounds very confusing. What worries me is how serious these people are. dartitis faq

fire truck bell

I have a pretty good view from my window at work. I’m starting to recognize the same people every day. There is a girl who walks her little daschund in the late afternoon. They are my favorite regulars. The dogs ears flop around when he runs.

In the mornings there are three large carts of toddlers being pushed by daycare workers. Today as they were being given their morning stroll, a fire truck drove up to the light. They rang the fire bell and tooted their horn. It was very cute. The kids were excitedly pointing.

The Turk Express

I work on Embarcadero and Folsom. Usually I scoot home down Howard to 9th to Fell. On the way home tonight I was day dreaming. I turned down 6th instead of 9th. I ended up taking Harrison to 6th to Turk to Stanyan. It was so fast and there were so few cars. I hit all the lights going up Turk. It was a great way to go. I might go that way more often. My only close call was scooting up the Stanyan hill, some guy was driving down the wrong side of the street. I guess the double yellow line was a new concept to him. Anyway, Stanyan is so wide there, it didn’t really faze me.

Canvases ready

This week is the beginning of the spring semester. I have several canvases primed and ready. I wonder what the semester has in store for me.

Howdy Word Press

I thought it might be time for me to switch over to the world of database driven weblogs. I’ve been doing stuff strictly old school and it might be time for a change. I’m afraid to give up my old ways. But I will be brave.

special delivery