not studying

Hi, I’m not studying for my test right now. I only have an hour and a half before class too, which means I’m screwed. I might have to leave painting class early to go and study before the test. I’m just not motivated. I want to veg. Yesterday was a long day.

I gotta say, it’s so nerve-racking not knowing if people love or hate my t-shirt design. It only tells you how many people have voted, but not what they voted, so they could all be big fat zeros. Eeeeeeee! It’s ok though, if this one doesn’t make it, I’ll submit another one next week. I want a t-shirt design!

Yesterday was 4/20. I came up with all these incredibly startling realizations about the universe but I won’t share them because you would probably throw me in the looney bin.

Sparkanzoo Trunk Sale
is getting nearer! Eeek! It’s practically Saturday already. I’ve got 15 paintings all set to go. Gotta start gathering up the pastel drawings and other goodies. Maybe I’ll have time to make some hats, and I need to find my hand printed beetle cards.