more on lobdell

After pouring through my Frank Lobdell book, I was having this very vivid dream tuesday night about the inner workings of machines and electronics and how I may have found my calling as an artist, to investigate the insides of things. I opened up this large machine and inside were pipes and knobs and switches that looked exactly like the locomotive painting I did a while back. . And I had this Eureka moment where I thought “Of course! This has been my destiny all along! This is my artistic voice trying to get out!” I flailed my arms up in the air in excitement and bashed my hand REALLY loudly into the wall and yelled something like “Of course!”. Tom mumbled “huh? what?”, I tried to explain my dream but the more I tried to explain, the more I realized, you just had to have been there. So I went back to sleep. Now I’m obsessed with the insides of things. I take these pictures of insides but I haven’t until now known how to represent them in a painting. I think I have some ideas to try out.

This mapping project has turned out to be pretty damn intereting. It’s challengnig but I’m starting to get it and I’m very intrigued by it. And this morning suckered me into byuing not 1 book but 4 books on various subjects. I now an the owner of a book on mapping, collage, artists journals and chart wheels. Like I need more books but I’m so damn excited about them, I can’t wait to get them.