minor freak out

I had a little minor freak out session last night about my life and how my contract is just postponing my immenent failure of my dream of switching careers and that I should give it all up and not leave my day job. Once I was done freaking out about that, I decided come hell or high water I’m 1. Going to see Azure and Jason during the week of spring break 2. take the painting intensive course over the summer at CCA and 3. try to stop freaking out so much and read more Walt Whitman.

I can try anything I want. I work really hard and if anyone can make it work, I can. The good news is, I actually really like my comnputer career, so some combination of either would actually make a fine life. as long as there is some balance. And the percentage of computer work and art work, will probably always wax and wane. That’s fine. That’s life. Slow and steady wins the race.

And kids, be cool, stay in school. I made good choices in life but boy I wish I wasn’t working towards my first college degree at age 34.