More Good News

Dang it, life is so overwhelming. And I want to start writing in this thing every day. But I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel. I’m pretty sure the hamster wheel would allow me 5 minutes for a blog post. So yeah let’s do this thing.

This morning, I looked at my email and there was one from CNN: the title was: CNN’s Good Stuff. It was a newsletter with all good stuff in it. People who’ve survived covid, bandaids finally getting a color make-over, people helping their communities, hero stories, virtual getaways, and so much more. I audibly yelled: “YES!!!! Thank you John Krazinski.” He single handedly convinced the media that people want good news.

So that’s some great news. I’m a big fan of “yes, and.” What’s that? It’s tied to a growth mindset. Yes, and is the practice of seeing the positive and adding to it, instead of seeing the negative and squashing the conversation. It’s the philosophy that all things have a positive, and it’s possibly to grow exponentially from it if you chose to. So sharing good news with people can help inspire people to do more of the same, as well as inspire people to expand on ideas and make them even stronger. We need solutions right now but all we get from the media is the bad stuff.

I’m not saying we should close our eyes to the bad stuff, absolutely not! We should bare witness to it all, but also try and help make things better, however we can.

Here are John Krazinski’d eight episodes of SomeGoodNews if you haven’t seen them: