I Heart Destroy

Tom sent me a link to this site where people can design t-shirts and they get voted on. If they are popular enough, they get made into real live t-shirts. Kinda like pinnochio. Threadless.com. I instantly fell in love with a robot t-shirt that says “I heart destroy.” So I guess I’m now the proud owner of a groovy t-shirt.

Today, after sending out some lovely art spam, I spent the afternoon at the studio working on my new encaustic series. No pictures yet but I should have some posted by Friday if all goes well on Wednesday. I think they are going to be pretty darn cute.

Tonight I went to the second to last Children’s Book Illustration class at CCA. I’m sad the class is almost over. I’m proud of myself that I kept going every week but I wish I had more to show for it.

ok, time for bed.