I been busy jugglin’ and shit

I’m getting over a cold. It mostly just made me really cranky and mad. Now I seem to be mostly ok. Today was busy for being so sniffly. I painted my dinosaur. Here he is in just newspaper. As of now he is covered in paper pulp and painted in a patchwork of pinks, blues and greys. Everyone in my class seemed genuinely taken by him. I will post more photos soon. Unless someone busts into our car tonight and steels him out of the back. Errrrr, now I’m scared.


After school I headed over to Flickerbox to pick up Tom. There was an artist party at Varnish for the artists that donated to the Artspan Auction this year. I was hoping to run into some studio friends but I actually ran into Ashley and Brian. They own two of my paintings. I hadn’t met Ashley before so that was pretty exciting.

Then we headed to the Odeon for the WordPress party. We are shy so we didn’t really communicate with other humans until Matt introduced himself as we were leaving. So I babbled a bunch of stuff about how I hearted WordPress and how I got everyone at Flickerbox using it and then we ran away. I’m a little embarrassed that I haven’t upgraded to 1.5 yet but jeez man, I’ve been busy jugglin’ and shit.