How to make your own bumble bee house

This bee house was made from:

  • new, clean paint can (found at Lowe’s in the paint section).
  • 1″ flexible hose
  • Natural Bamboo Fiber (from JoAnn’s)
  • Small piece of screen
  • Clear Caulking

I drilled a 1″ hole in the top of the can for the hose. I inserted a 14″ piece of hose into the hole and sealed both inside and outside seams with the caulking and let it sit untouched for 48 hours. Bracing the can between two heavy blocks of wood, I drilled small drainage holes along one side of the can. With caulking, I glued a small piece of screen inside the can, covering the drainage holes. I loosely filled the can with natural bamboo fibers and sealed the lid tight, making sure the hose pointed up, with the drainage holes pointing down. I dug a 12″ or so hole in a semi sheltered spot in the garden. I placed the can in the hole with the hose sticking up. I covered the hose hole so it wouldn’t get full of dirt. I buried the bee house in dirt, with just the hose exposed. Come home, bees!