Disclaimer: I get to follow my rainbow because even thought I don’t get paid much, my husband’s income allows me to take risks and make choices about who i work for and with.

Today, following my rainbow led me to a new pot of gold. Inside that pot I found a person who is interested in all the things I’m interested in, is as excited about my mission as I am, because hers is nearly the same, and wants me to work with her.

Sometimes, because I have a whole family to think about, I worry my decisions are selfish. I make them for me and my kid as a priority. My husband benefits because he gets to see me follow my rainbow for years on end and get farther along the path every year. But My rainbow sometimes makes him feel stuck and I have to live with that guilt. But all in all I’m happy for the life we are building, I’m happy I get to be so involved in my kid’s life, and I’m happy I get some sort of paycheck doing that.

So my gratitude is for: 1. following my rainbow. 2. My husband supporting me following my rainbow and 3. my kid getting to come along for the ride, and to see me as a strong woman role model.