good girl

I was a very good girl today. I was really cranky and didn’t want to do some things that I need to do but aren’t very fun. I enjoyed some napping time with Tom which made the icky stuff seem a lot better. I finished a simplified version of Carol’s site so I can teach her how to update her own website. It wasn’t all that painful but you know, I just didn’t want to do it.

Then after a very nice dinner of bacon wrapped chicken and some gnocchi with freshly made pesto sauce, I went through most of my Quicken stuff and started to get ready for tax season. I was much worse at keeping track than I was last year and it’s hurting me now. My Quicken data is so out of wack.

Now I’m going to read my western civilizations book and go to bed. Tomorrow I will probably do arty stuff all day.

We decided to look into getting a storage space. There are some by Tom’s work that are $80 a month. I think we need it. We are going a bit nuts lately in the house. Esepecially with all the paintings piling up. I’m looking forward to finding our closet again.

I think we may buy some nice bookshelves tomorrow to replace the ones that are disintegrating in our living room right now.