free day

I sorta slept in but still got up before Tom, who has a job, so I don’t feel very accomplished in that department. Next on the agenda is to take photos of some paintings, then I will walk down to market and do a gallery stroll. I am finally going to make it to the 49 Geary galleries. Hmmm, maybe I should go to the Moma oday and see the Bechtle show.

Last night I got to hang out with Shelley. She is just in town for a week from Colorado. We had snacks on Haight and then went to Bambudha. Remember Backflip on Eddy and Larkin? Now it’s called Bambudha. It was a surreal experience for me. I don’t do the nightclub scene, but it was kinda fun to be out and about on my first night of being a free woman. They charged me $12 for a coke and a greyhound. How does that break down? That’s just crazy.