freak out time

I’m having a minor freak out. I think I’ll be ok but I sorta have lots of plans this weekend and no time to work on my book. I have to get a good way through laying out the pages. I’m not even sure what monsters I’m going with or what they will be doing in all these glorious paintings I’m going to do of them.

Wow, freaking out! freaking out! Talking about it makes me freak out even more! I did however finish my weekly Western Civ paper last night, had a nice dinner with my boyfriend, and gave myself a little drawing exersize. I also figured out what I’m going to do for my painting project, which shouldn’t take much time. I just need to get to the studio for about an hour and I should have enough materials to finish it. I’m going to do two or three mapping projects of birds. I hope it works.

If I just get a rough layout of my 32 page book by next Monday, I’ll be in ok shape for another week. Just gotta hold on! One more month and I’ll be done with my Gap project.

I talked about apartment rental stuff with my painting teacher for the France painting trip I’m taking this summer, so things are coming together there slowly but surely.