I had a dream that I was on the jersey shore somewhere, there started to be huge waves. I knew that disaster was on it’s way. All the houses on the beach were made of old, rotten wood and were on stilts. The waves were getting bigger and bigger. They shook the houses so much you had to brace yourself when they hit. I knew that they would soon completely receed and then a giant wave would come and wash us all away. I was trying to get people to leave but they wouldn’t. They thought they were safe in their houses, that the waves weren’t going to get any bigger. I grabbed some stuff and threw it in someone’s truck. We were going to get the hell out of there. But the waves were hard to time. I thought, we will have to wait for the calm and then run like hell. There were horses on fire on the beach. A firetruck came and put them out. I just remember all the water receeding and us running like hell, but thinking “We aren’t going to make it”. Tom was somewhere safe and I was trying to get home to him.