GitHub Forking and Pull Requests

How to Fork a GitHub Repository, clone it, branch it, make edits, and do a Pull Request Hurray! I finally started recording short tutorials on useful web development things. I’m tired of listening to men’s voices in tutorials all the time. It’s time for some women’s voices. I’ll start adding short videos to my playlist […]

Symlink for Sublime or Atom on a Mac

Did you know there’s an easy way to set up your terminal app to open things in atom or sublime? You just have to create a symlink. I keep needing this for my students so I’m keeping it here so I can find it! For Sublime, In a terminal window type: ln -s /Applications/Sublime\ […]

Bootstrap example sites

AW Awards bootstrap Expo Bootstrap Bay Color Lib – Bootstrap portfolios Handy Bootstrap pieces and parts on tutorialize Flex Order in bootstrap

Crab Mentality

From Wikipedia: Crab Mentality: “Crab mentality, sometimes referred to as crabs in the bucket (also barrel, basket or pot), is a way of thinking best described by the phrase, “if I can’t have it, neither can you.” The metaphor refers to a common pattern of behavior seen in a group of crabs when they are […]

Sprint Retrospectives

I’m doing some research on how to run productive sprint retrospectives. Mountain Goat Software has a good structure that breaks down into how to encourage good habits: Start: What needs to be added to the team’s habits Stop: What needs to be changed or removeed Continue: What working but needs to continue in order to […]

A Good Markdown Cheat Sheet

As we build out our site infrastructure and document our development process in our github wiki, I’ve been learning a lot about Markdown. I’m loving the simplicity of this Markdown cheat sheet by Adam Prichard. It’s a boiled down version of Github’s documentation on writing markdown. It gets straight to the point. Gotta love a […]

Make your own Table of Contents in Google with Bookmarks

I never remember how to do this so I’m adding the quick steps here. I know there are ways of auto generating a Table of Contents in Google Docs, but I don’t know, I just like making my own. Don’t judge me. Go through your body of text and Select the headers/text you want to […]

How to stop an iframe video when closing modal

Needed to stop a video from playing and was impatient and having trouble getting it to work using YouTubes APIs. Found this solution and it worked right off the bat. Add this method to your script: var stopVideo = function ( element ) { var iframe = element.querySelector( ‘iframe’); var video = element.querySelector( ‘video’ […]