PYDC Annual Glass Ball Gala Fundraiser

Saturday November 14th was the big Glass Ball Gala Fundraiser event for the Portland Youth Development Coalition. It was an absolute blast. Highlights for me and Tom were the two musical acts, Dutch Masters (Dandy Warhols) and The Robinsons (Viva Voce). So good! So good! We got to stand just feet from them. The Robinsons […]

Anna Fidler and David Stein at Disjecta

There’s a great show at Disjecta from November 14th through December 20th at Disjecta of works from Anna Fidler and David Stein. Anna’s very large works on paper are all scenes from Portland Trailblazers basketball games. The surface of the drawings are absolutely covered with topographic map-type lines, dots, and stains. David Stein’s small works […]

Falling in love with fall

Holy crap, it’s beautiful outside. Portland is so very beautiful right now. Friday I found myself wandering around our neighborhood, taking photos of trees. The neighbors probably thought I was nuts, but maybe they are getting used to it. I often walk outside our own house to marvel at the beauty of our dogwood tree […]

Get Lost in The Woods

A new bar and music venue has just opened up in our neighborhood. I’m declaring it the best bar on the planet. Why is it so cool? It’s in an old mortuary. There is a beautiful outdoor patio. There are little rooms and nucs with couches and chrystal chandeliers. They were playing Magnetic Fields – […]

PDX First Thursday Highlights for August

Last night’s First Thursday was a big buzz. So many people! So many hipsters in glitter and boas. Such a great scene. I love this town. Mike Bragg at Ogle Videos, photo studies and specimen jars of rootlike objects. Obsessive detail. Very very cool. Beautiful installation. At The Life Art Gallery. I don’t know who […]

Chicky Queens for a day — Portland's Tour De Coops

On Saturday Tom and I took a Portland-wide tour of the city’s backyard chicken coups. The Tour De Coops is an annual event organized by Growing Gardens, a non-profit dedicated to creating and supporting gardens for low income families. Each year Tour De Coops finds Portland chicken keepers willing to share their backyards and knowledge […]

A Portland-y weekend

Looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays. We had a very lovely weekend and I’m having trouble getting motivated now. Let’s retrace our steps. Friday morning I took Mississippi into Rockin’ Roxy’s for a half day and Tricia convinced me to take the night off from doggy duty. I went home and cried […]

PDX Food Review – Carts, Sausages, and Japanese Pickles

Edelweiss Deli **** 3119 SE 12th Ave at Powell, Portland OR Hello momma. Wow, this place is oozing with deliciousness. A deli/German grocery store with tons of German meats for sale. Sausages of every variety imaginable and large racks of smoked pork chops that I must try. They have a small seating area and you […]