Oh Hi 2014

Well, 2013 was quite a year. Juniper was in daycare just 10 hours a week at the start of 2013, I was applying to grad school, Tom was finishing up his album. We went to Florida, I got into grad school, and here we are. Juniper is in a new daycare where she does full […]

Screw You January

Hey January 2013, I’ve got something to say to you — Screw you. What a crappy way to start a new year. I got sick on New Year’s eve and ended up with pneumonia and two colds on top of that. No more, I’m done. It’s february 1st, it’s warm, the sun is out, the […]

Dishonest Manager at AT&T store pioneer square PDX

Do not buy anything from The Portland Pioneer Square AT&T store (Activate Cellular) across from the Apple store. They lie to customers in order to sell more stuff. On May 24th, 2012 I went into the AT&T store (Activate Cellular) in Pioneer Square with my toddler in tow and a very loved and beat up […]

Happy Birthday To Me

We had a very lovely birthday weekend. Starting on Friday with some fun adventures on Mississippi Ave. We got fries at Bar Bar and ice cream at Lovely’s 50/50. Saturday morning we put Mississippi in daycare for the night and headed to the Fruit Loop in Hood River for some fruit fun. It was the […]

St Johns Bizarre wrap-up

What a great day! The St Johns Bizarre was a lot of fun and I actually sold a fair amount of stuff. Thanks to everyone for coming out. I think I’ll be doing more fairs in the future. Juniper and Tom hung out with me for quite a while in the morning which was super […]

Button Grand Opening

My friend Liz is opening a consignment shop for women and children on the corner of Rosa Parks and Interstate in North Portland, Oregon. She’s having an opening party this weekend! Come on down and check it out. Oh, and I designed the website and poster. button women’s and children’s consignment 6517 N Interstate Portland […]

I love my gym

I joined a gym. It’s the West Coast Fitness here in Portland. There’s a steam room, sauna, hydromassage table, s.a.d. light, and tons of cardio and weight machines. The dressing rooms are clean and nice, and I even have a few mommy friends I run into. You know what one of the best things about […]

Studio Visit: Jeff Mandel’s ExIT Shoes

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Jeff Mandel’s Custom shoe shop in Portland with some friends. Jeff’s shoes are completely and lovingly handmade to fit your feet like no shoes has ever before. The tools of his trade are almost as beautiful as his shoes. Shoe lasts and women’s shoes Cabinet full of gorgeous […]

Things I didn’t (and did) buy

Kinda wish I’d bought this Thomas Kinkade Jigsaw Puzzle Bought ’em. $13 Little Gents Doll — Creapola Fonz glass. Woulda totally bought it but it was too much money Swingy — Totally bought it and am so in love with it. Comes with a record too. “Who’s the swinginest dolly? Davey Crockett plate. Juniper was […]

Together Gallery Favorites for February 2011

At the Together Gallery on NE Alberta in PDX right now. Betsy Walton and Nicole Linde. The other 3 artists are quite good as well, help just these two artists created work that is right up my alley. Close-up of Timekeeper Betsy Walton Close-up of Timekeeper Betsy Walton An Offering Nicole Linde Once Upon A […]

Fall in our new neighborhood

I love fall in Portland here. This is our second fall here since moving from San Francisco and I eat it up. I’ve been taking lots of walks with Juniper. I think she loves the leaves too. crazy house in SW hills, nope, we don’t live in the hills!

Christmas in June

So… we had to redo our sewer line. The best case scenario was that it would cost about $2400. If the water line got in the way or was damaged, it was going to be $1400 more. Turns out, through a series of unfortunate circumstances, our final bill totals more like $6200. Yikes. Not knowing […]