A List of Lostness

A brainstorming exercise Unuseful maps You are nowhere Linear with feedback loops Broken narrative seemingly never ending No bearings Endless ocean Fog and mist Struggling to find one’s location Compass A Forest Don’t go into the woods at night Wandering Trail of breadcrumbs or strings **** Corn Field An Ocean A Cave Tunnels Darkness, Pitch […]

Random List of Words

stiff cribs alone clouds pancakes swim cuddle pitt tiles rogue pack water bulb thirst glass landscape square rocks water plants form balance scale repetition grouping rhythm discover inspiration

The Love Hate List

My friend Amy Shelf made a special end of the year love/hate list and I thought I’d join along. I love making lists. I love… New Years Resolutions That Tom is getting into making curries How affectionate our dog is. I love that she is oozing with personality Being pregnant. I feel like I’ve waited […]

The year in retrospect

Yay! More lists! I love me some lists. Got Married Went to Hawaii Graduated with high distinction from CCA with a BFA in painting/drawing. Sewed my own wedding dress Saved a kitten Visited azure and jason in LA Got a job, tadalafil quit a job, got another job. made a teeny, tiny bit more progress […]

re-centering and re-entering

It’s been a strange week. I plunged head-long into my past and saturated my life and thoughts with memories. I think it was good for me, like a good therapy session, but now I’m feeling like re-entering the real world. I’ve been pretty lazy lately. Well, Tom would argue that my idea of lazy is […]

Ghost in you

There seems to be a global phenomenon on facebook right now of digging up old photos and conducting reunions. I discovered photos of me from 1987 this weekend involving lots of hair spray, hair dye, black clothes, and black eyeliner. Sunday morning I awoke from terrible nightmares… reliving old feelings of being on a proverbial […]

Dear Santa

I have tried to be a very good girl this year. I graduated with high distinction and a 3.97 GPA (damn you critical whiteness class!). I got married and I tried to be frugal with money and tried to make good art. I got a job so I can pay off my student loans as […]

Ut Oh, it's list time

Wow, do I feel compelled to write lists when I feel like my life is out of control? I should make a list about that. But first, today’s list: List #1: Woe is me I am fat and out of shape My desk is a mess I’m not making enough art I feel vacant at […]

Does The Author's Identity Matter?

Before I begin, let me just say, I am frightened of a country where even one single person would support Sarah Palin as the next VP of America. What a world. What a world. I should also note that on November 4th, I will proudly vote for the Obama/Biden ticket because I believe they will […]

Busy Bee Ver

I got so much done at the studio and home yesterday that i feel a little better about this week. I had to finish a painting for the Phoenix Project Art Auction on October 16th… done! I really wanted to do a piece for Ehren Reed’s Take-out show at Fly Bar opening October 22nd… done! […]

Excited and Happy

I seem to be done being stressed out and nervous about my wedding. Now I’m just excited and happy. There are several things helped: Tom and I have been having a blast wrapping gifts and making playlists. The family started arriving Saturday so I’ve had a chance to get over my jitters around that. I’ve […]

A post for Lynn

I don’t write in my blog daily, and I don’t like a lot of the things I post but I’ve found that its important for me to keep this thing up, even if it means filling it full of boring crap no one wants to read. On your blog you ask what a person can […]

To do:

Play with Ruby on Rails on my Mac Make more bug cards Redesign my website Apply to the BAC Juried competition Send in my slides for New American Paintings Make a wedding dress Sew beach bags work out on my wii fit Play with Grou.ps

Things I did today

Went to the Sloat nursery Planted a cherry tomato to keep my heirloom company and some squash and some seeds of various plants. Got my scooter running and took a ride to the beach (hey! I live near the beach, amazing). Returned my Ruby on rails book Got some make-up Told Alan I got a […]