Prayer For Marriage

Prayer for a Marriage When we are old one night and the moon arcs over the house like an antique China saucer and the teacup sun follows somewhere far behind I hope the stars deepen to a shine so bright you could read by it if you liked and the sadness we will have known […]

Holiday shmoliday

You know things could improve in your world when your husband says he’s looking forward to the holidays being over. It might be the single sadness thing I’ve ever heard him say out loud. We usually love the holidays. It fills me with worry. Lots of positives this year and a few yucky negatives. Much […]

Christmas in June

So… we had to redo our sewer line. The best case scenario was that it would cost about $2400. If the water line got in the way or was damaged, it was going to be $1400 more. Turns out, through a series of unfortunate circumstances, our final bill totals more like $6200. Yikes. Not knowing […]

Happy House Work

We had a productive weekend getting house stuff done. We’re getting down to more fun stuff like gardening and fixing up rooms. Our house is really coming along and there are moments when I look around and think “we are just too cool for school.” I’m loving Tom’s man cave, it’s looking very cool. He’s […]

giggle bubbles

The night we got the keys to our home, we met with our realtor and looked around the house for a while, imagining how we would set things up or what we might change. Along with flowers and keys, lots of congratulations were exchanged. We walked him out and said our good byes. And standing […]

Valentine’s Day

Well, Our Valentine’s Day included a whopper headache, searching for moving boxes and filling said moving boxes but we still had a very nice day. Coffee and a coffee cake at Grand Central, a swim at the gym, and cheeseburgers for dinner. Me: “Can we have cheeseburgers for Valentine’s day” Tom: “Um, yeah!” Me: “Ooh, […]

On our way home

We’ve survived the week with Tom’s family. It was a fun time. We went to the Zoo, got pummelled by waves, relaxed on the beach, played skee ball, visited a friend, and ate too much. We are hanging out at the Philly airport, very tired and missing our dog. We’ve got a long day of […]

Cannon Beach Romatical Getaway

Tom and I have been together 9 years as of last weekend. Now that we have our wedding anniversary to look forward to, Tom says this one must now be called the “old anniversary”. I still think we should celebrate it, we’ll just do it with less fan fare than the wedding anniversary. So this […]

apples 119 to 123

Today was a great day, Mississippi went to doggy day care for the first time, I got a development environment up and running, which means my work contract could be extended, and I found out I don’t have skin cancer. I didn’t really believe what I had was skin cancer, but it’s been worrying me […]