Trying Vegan

For 2016 I’m planning on trying on some lifestyle changes for one month at a time. This month’s focus is on a Vegan diet. I’ve attempted this before but have never been successful longer than 5 minutes. Being the main cook of the house, and having a meat loving husband and child make it challenging […]

Greens 179 to 181 and Vegetarian for a Month

I haven’t been feeling all that great lately and my appetite is sporadic. I decided to just cut out meat for a while just to see if I felt better. Then I walked into the Library October 1st and there it was – Celebrate National Vegetarian Awareness Month. At first I wanted to crack jokes […]

Greens 153 to 172

I dropped the ball on the 365 greens project. I stopped taking photos. There were just many nights when I finally sat down to dinner, realized I needed to go get my camera, and just didn’t have the energy for it. Plus I had a backlog of images I needed to post that I just […]

Greens 121 to 127

Greens 121 Spicy kale with potato chicken cheddar bake thingy Greens 122 Salad special at Saraveza Greens 123 Kale salad from 24th and Meatball Greens 124 “Southern” special at Laughing Planet Greens 125 Cobb salad at home Greens 126 Kale chips from trader joes Greens 127 Super veggie salad special at Chapel Pub

Greens 107 to 110

My greens eating has slowed down. My garden is growing, I’ve got chard, pak choi, collards, and spinach growing but they are far from big enough to eat. Our CSA starts at the end of May and I’ll soon be swimming in greens. Greens 107 Greens 108 Greens 109 Greens 110 Collards, ground pork, ginger, […]

Greens 101 to 106

Greens 101 Braised kale and a fried egg Greens 102 Braised kale, bbq chicken, and potatoes Greens 103 Cobb Salad at Kenny and Zuke’s Greens 104 Polenta, sausage, and red sauce with peas, mushrooms, and red pepper. Arugula salad Greens 105 Pork marinated with sage, garlic, olive oil and mustard, arugula with bleu cheese, almonds […]

Greens 100

I made it to 100 servings of greens since February 1st! At this rate I might hit 500 by the end of the year. My original plan of 365 servings in 2013 now seems too easy and I might just aim higher. I decided to make a bit of a ritual out of number 100. […]

Greens 98 and 99

Greens 98 Arugula salad with almonds Greens 99 A Cobb salad with arugula, field cress, miner’s lettuce, bell pepper, bleu cheese, egg, bacon, chicken, avocado, radish, and tomato

Greens 71 to 88

Spring box from our CSA — Dancing Roots Farm How’s this for stocking up? Arugula, kale, miner’s lettuce, spinach, rapini, cress, and more. Greens 88 Arugula, Miner’s lettuce, mandarin orange slices, goat cheese with cinnamon pear balsamic and olive oil Greens 87 Red Leaf lettuce, cucumber yogurt dressing, tomato, bleu cheese crumbles, cucumber, and almond […]