She’s Home!

In standard Mississippi fashion she got pissed off at the tube in her nose, pulled it out herself, and demanded food. So we thought we were just going to visit but when we called ahead, they said come get her! She’s home, sleeping on her favorite couch. What a relief to have her home and […]

Doggy Chronicles: The Rubber Ball Incident

I don’t know if that title is very good. We’re only assuming it was a rubber ball from the look of the remains they extracted from Mississippi’s intestines… So, rewind back to Saturday 4am. Mississippi starts puking. She basically doesn’t stop puking until about 9 that night when we took her to the doggy ER. […]

Doggy Chronicles: The Weigh In

Mississippi is now the proud owner-dog of her very own toddler. This toddler loves to share any and all food with her. Mississippi is such a gracious guest, she doesn’t turn down a thing, even things she normally isn’t interested in, like oranges and fruit in general. She’s acquired a taste for bananas and all […]

Thankful December 1st 2010

I’m thankful for my dog. I still tend to think she’s a handful, until I get around other dogs, then I realize, she’s amazing. I think she might be the best dog in the whole wide world, and I love her to pieces. We’ve done an amazing job with her. I want her to know […]

Doggy Chronicles: Thirteen Months

We’ve had beautiful Mississippi for thirteen months now. We started her in a new dog training class. I wanted to sneak in one more class before the baby comes. This one is called Dynamic Dog and it’s at our dog daycare place Club K-9 in North Portland. We’ve gone twice now and have discovered our […]

Doggy Chronicles: Poo Stick

Tuesday night, after band practice, Tom was munching on a late-night bbq chicken thigh. It slipped out of his hands, hit the floor and immediately hopped straight into Mississippi’s stomach. It went directly to her stomach. It did not pass go, it did not get chewed. We had zero time to react. By the time […]

Doggy Chronicles: Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

We brought Mississippi home exactly one year ago today. We’ve been through a whole lot, the three of us. She is the sweetest, cutest little monster on the planet and I am so glad she’s part of our family now. Tonight we are going to give her a special chicken dinner. She’s being extra snuggly […]

bad parent

I feel like a bad parent. Mississippi was whining to go outside last night. I got dressed, went downstairs and let her out. She had to go. She came back in and I cuddled with her on the couch for a minute. It took me forever to go back to bed. She woke me up […]

University Falls Hike

I looked in our Portland hikes book for the easy hikes that allow dogs and we decided on the University Falls hike starting at Roger’s Camp, in the Tillamook State Forest. The description said 5.8 miles, easy trails, and about a 2.5 hour total hike. It was wet, very wet, and I’m pregnant, 17 weeks […]

Doggy Chronicles: Ten Months

Mississippi came home with us 10 months ago. Lately she’s been quite the snuggle bunny. Her favorite thing is to curl up with you on the couch and get her belly rubbed. She will also occasionally smash right up you and cuddle up like a regular old teddy bear. She enjoys sitting on laps, despite […]

Hunger Strike

Mississippi isn’t eating her meals with the same enthusiasm she usually has. She nibbled half of yesterday’s breakfast in intervals throughout the day, and she ate her dinner in little bits over several hours. She still wasn’t excited about breakfast today and hasn’t touched it yet. So she’s staying home with me until her appetite […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope you are having as magical a time as we are having. Christmas eve we went over to Mo’s house for roast beast and yorkshire pudding. Mississippi again behaved like an angel and was adorable with the two 6 month old babies. She loves parties and behaves very well, even with temptation […]

Holy Crap, Our Dog Is Amazing

Yesterday was a day full of firsts for Mississippi. It was her first full day with little kids, it was her first dinner party and it was her first time spending several hours in someone else’s house. She was amazing, I am flabbergasted. We were really nervous about bringing her to Thanksgiving. We thought there […]

Doggy Chronicles: Grubs and Slugs

Mississippi is an excellent slug and grub hunter. She is doing a great job of clearing our garden of pests. I appreciate this about her. I bet she’d make a great truffle sniffer too. I do not like the fact that she brings them inside the house to toss around and play with. They are […]