Today, sitting at my desk, there was a loud, low, rumbling and the building shook in response. It was probably a passing truck, but I imagined an expansive, thick, stampede of a cloud, effortlessly washing over the city, erasing everything in its path. I imagined lifting my hands to the sky in surrender. I thought […]

Opening Reception for Cavendish May 6th

Opening Reception: Friday, store May 6th, mind 2016, 6-8pm Downtown Portland Oregon (contact me for location) Viewing available by appointment. About “Cavendish” The ultimate slapstick prop, comedic use of the banana can be dated back at least four thousand years. The act of slipping on a banana peel has a knack of producing schadenfreude in […]

Fifth Wheel at Linfield Gallery

Fifth Wheel Opening Reception: Wednesday February 10th, 2016, 6-8PM Linfield Gallery Linfield College McMinville, OR Artists: Sarah Nance, Alanna Risse, Julia Oldham, Jane Schiffhauer Curator: Josephine Zarkovich

Forks over knives

I watched forks over knives again tonight. It is reminding me why this vegan diet idea is a good one. I feel old. I am 30 pounds over weight. I have fat on my upper ribs and it’s uncomfortable. My digestion, although better than it used to be, is still not so great. I don’t […]

Why I made the Jar of -Ness

In January of 2014 I was inspired by friends on Facebook to create a “2014 Jar of Awesomeness.” I was determined that 2014 was going to be a great year for my family. We were going to be so overflowing with awesomeness that we would stuff our quart-sized jar full of little slips of paper, […]

Julie Green at UpFor Gallery

Julie Green (b. 1961 in Yokosuka, stomach Japan) wanted to be a stewardess until age four, but became a painter instead. Green’s work has been featured in The New York Times, aWhole Foods mini-documentary, National Public Radio, Ceramics Monthly, Gastronomica, and 7th edition of A World of Art published by Prentice Hall. She has exhibited […]

2015 year in review

Positive things from 2015 I graduated! I made a giant whale! I made and built upon the best friendships. I am so blessed with amazing friends. I learned to allow myself to seek out the joy I deserve. I got better at not feeling guilty about my desires. I was a good mother. I got […]


In the year two-thousand and something or other I got a sidekick cellphone. Remember those? They had this full keyboard that would flip out. You could thumb type incredibly fast and accurately, faster than I can type on my iphone now. They were fantastic. They had a camera, email access, cool apps for taking notes […]

PNCA Staff Holiday Sale

I’ll be selling stuff at the Staff/Faculty/Alumni Holiday sale at PNCA on First Thursday this week. It coincides with the student holiday sale so there’s a whole lotta arty stuff to choose from. Come stuff your stockings.   PNCA Staff/Faculty/Alumni Holiday Sale 511 NW Broadway, Room 136, Portland OR Thursday December 3rd, 3-8pm (Student Sale […]

Drawings from Leland

I just wanted to share some of the drawings I made during my residency at Leland Iron Works in October of 2015. Many are smallish, anywhere from 4×6 to 9×12. A few are 22×40. Much of my time spent at Leland was on self reflection. I thought about relationships and a yearning for connection. I […]

A break from the S&M

I am depressed. I have too many feelings and nowhere to put them. I need to seriously pair down my life. So, I’m stepping back from social media. I’m going back to writing. I’m going back to the blog. Back to the daily practice of photos and writing. Back to writing letters to the people […]

Wrapping up at Leland

My time at Leland is wrapping up. I am both sad that my residency is ending and happy to be getting my weekends back. I miss my family. It’s been challenging being there three days a week and home/work 4 days. My husband and daughter have been having great father daughter weekends, I think it’s […]


I seem to be in some sort of hellish post MFA limbo. I feel like I am always waiting and yet I still feel like my time is generally chopped up into tiny useless segments. I have this residency, two days in a row on the weekends and a full day on Tuesdays. So much […]