Donating stuff

So I’ve been thinking about donations and here’s what I’ve found so far: Donate school supplies like backpacks, dictionaries, notebooks and pens to foster kids at Sleep Train. See details on Through September 15th, 2008. Donate books, cash, and materials to SF Public Library. Donate socks, travel soaps etc, and more at atthecrossroads; helping […]

In Defense of Food

I just finished Michael Pollan’s latest book: In Defense of food. That’s right! I get to read non-school related things now! I share many of the same beliefs about food as Michael does so although he’s sorta preaching to the choir with me, reading his book was a good wake-up call to start taking the […]

Hey, what's that big, firey ball in the sky?

That’s right, I went out into the sunshine today. My cheeks are pink and rosey. As a matter of fact, we’ve gone out into the world twice in two days. Last night we had dinner and beers at Luka’s Taproom followed by a lovely concert down the street. We saw the Swell Season at the […]

Skinny Bitch

I have a confession to make, I bought that book, Skinny Bitch, written by a couple of L.A. modeling agency types. I saw it a month or so ago. The title intrigued me, so I picked it up but I didn’t buy it then. Last week when I was sick and feeling sorry for myself, […]