St Johns Bizarre this Saturday

I’ll have necklaces, cards, tote bags, and mason bee houses for sale at this year’s St Johns Bizarre in St Johns, Portland Oregon. Come on down! All but the glass beads are related to pollinating insects. St Johns Bizarre Saturday May 12th, 2012 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM 2012 will mark The St. Johns […]

Cyber Monday Sale on Etsy

Hi, I’ll be participating in a Cyber Monday Sale on Etsy with my PDX Etsy Team. Everything in my shop will be 30% off. Go get yourself some bug pendants!

New Old Bee Book

I found a copy of the ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture at an Estate sale a couple weeks ago. It’s a 1974 copy, 35th edition. The first edition was published in 1889 or thereabouts.

A book of bees

I’m starting a new book. A book of bees by sue hubbell. It’s so hot, there’s nothing to do except escape from the heat in an air conditioned room with a good book.

Honey Bee Numbers continue to decline

A recent survey conducted by the Apiary Inspectors of America (AIA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that honey bee colonies continue to decline in numbers. About 26 percent of apiaries surveyed reported that some of their colonies died of colony collapse disorder (CCD), down from 36 percent of apiaries in 2007-2008. CCD is […]

Berkeley is bee friendly

Good news from Berkeley. Parks are focusing on attracting more bees by planting more bee friendly flowers. The City Council is poised to transform all the city’s parks and open spaces into habitats for bees. If the council approves the resolution, all future landscaping would be “pollinator-friendly” flowering native plants intended to attract bees, bats, […]

Thank you Tom

On his way to work today, Tom spied this free kitchen cabinet around the corner from our house. As soon as I got his message, I rushed over in our car and heaved it into the back (all by myself! It was heavy). It will be perfect as a surface for doing my encaustics and […]

native bee houses

Now that I’m here, and most of the boxes are unpacked, I want to start thinking about native bee houses. We don’t have a yard big enough for honey bees, but mason bees and bumble bees should like our garden. I’ve been researching how to build various houses. The mason bee houses are simple. Just […]

Love your native bees

I came across this fantastic bee article by Aaron Hirsh in the New York Times on native bees which lead me to another article from the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Center on how to make your garden native bee friendly. They tell you how to make bee friendly homes for ground dwelling and wood dwelling […]

Mississippi helping new beekeepers

From the JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner Lester Spell says his agency will begin offering financial assistance to beekeepers in an effort to reverse the recent decline in the state’s honey bee population. Spell recently announced the financial assistance will be made available to eligible beginning beekeepers who establish up to four colonies […]