Apples 357 to 364

Apple 364. a neti and an apple a day keeps the cold at bay? Apple 363. Sick and wanting sprite just like when I was a kid. Apple 362. Apple studel and frozen yogurt. Apple 361. Lots of fruit in the house right now. Apple 360. Christmas robots! Apple 359 and our new penguin humidifier […]

Apples 348 to 356

Less than 10 apples to go and I barely have the energy to get through the day, let alone make some fan fare for my apples. So sad! I can’t promise things are going to get any better in the next week either. The apple project might just peter out into dull, boring oblivion. Anyone […]

Apple 336 to 347

Apple 347 was a Calville Blanc. We’re making little gift cards with glitter glue. Apple 346. A nice weekend with Tom and our doggy. We’re so in love. Apple 345 was a Melrose apple Apple 344. Making tamales for Jon and Summer. Apple 343. Tom is watching Constantine. Apple 342. Adding sewing elements to the […]

Apples 320 to 325

Apple 324 was an ambrosia Apple 323 was eaten on a day full of fret and worry. Apple 322 is playing Vanna White to our Thanksgiving Turkey Apple 321 is an Arkansas Black, modeled by the lovely and talented Emelyn in Seattle. Apple 320 was eaten in celebration of getting my computer back up and […]

Apples 273 to 285

This segment of the 365 apples in 2009 project finds our protagonist making art about fall, bundling up with electric blankets, and getting back into oatmeal as a delicious and seasonally suitable breakfast option. Apple 285 I’m cutting out and dying leaves using thick watercolor paper. I plan to use them in some drawings. Apple […]

Apple 272 to 263

I’m getting down to this years last 100 apples. When I started this project, I had a feeling I wouldn’t get sick of apples, and I haven’t. I love them more now. This has been a great project and I’m going to miss it. I’ve been thinking of things to do for next year. I’ve […]

Apples 222 to 242

Yes, it’s true, the resolution to eat 365 apples in 2009 continues. Apple 242 Bought myself a birthday present today. I’ve been coveting these cups for a while now. They are porcelain and silicon. I just think they are lovely and I wanted one so bad. So I broke down and got one today. New […]

Apples 208 to 221

On my quest to eat 365 apples in the year 2009. I’m finally caught up and might even be one or two ahead of schedule. Apple 221. I just decided it should pose with my typewriter just for fun. Apple 220 on the way back from Seattle. It’s our first wedding anniversary. Watching tv in […]

Apples 198 to 207

I’ve moved my office into the bedroom because of the heat. In SF, I freelanced out of our bedroom, I thought those days were behind me. But with one air conditioner and 100+ heat, I guess I still had some bedroom office time still left in me. I actually tried to buy a little $100 […]

Apple 183 to 197

I’m trying to train myself to keep the right side of my desk clean so that I always have space to draw. Apple 197 was enjoyed while reminding myself to clear the clutter. apple 196 was eaten as an apple sauce that I made in my crock pot. I had it with corn on the […]

Apples 129 to 138

Wow, has it really been this long since I posted a blog about the apple eating resolution? Sorry, I’ve been good at photographing them, but not as good at blogging about them. I’m running about 10 apples behind my 365 apples in 2009 schedule so I need to do some doubling up in the next […]