I’m broke. My credit card debt is growing. I want to go to France this summer so badly, I can’t stand the idea of missing it for another year. Juniper is old enough that I think she would have a great time on the property we stay at in caunes-minervois. I WILL make this happen. This means I’m goin back to web developing. And after a nice long break, I’m actually excited about it. I can do it on a short term freelance basis instead of doing it 9-5 every day. Juniper is doing great with the nanny and we have an opportunity to do some nanny sharing when I need it. So, here we go. My rough plan is to try and get enough projects over the next few months to pay off the debt. Then spurts of art making, followed by spurts of web developing. Hopefully I can juggle this. Hopefully I won’t feel like I’ve given my child away. She’s so cute, I miss her every second I’m away from her. But she has such a good time with Molly, it’s going to be ok. She needs new experiences and socializing. I need to calm my anxiety attacks about money. I need to feel I can wok on art without draining our bank accounts. But I need to make sure I work in the studio to meet deadlines and keep going. It’s a juggling act. My pre child years seem so carefree now.