cereal boxes

I was looking for cereal boxes or scenes from old cereal commercials when I found this site. There’s too much fun stuff on here. lunch boxes, old packaging materials, toys, you name it.

freak out time

I’m having a minor freak out. I think I’ll be ok but I sorta have lots of plans this weekend and no time to work on my book. I have to get a good way through laying out the pages. I’m not even sure what monsters I’m going with or what they will be doing […]

Tuesday is ok

Hi, Today isn’t as bad as yesterday. I just had to learn to accept my fate yesterday. This job is teaching me patience and calm, or something like that. I had my first critique for my children’s book class last night. I was very under prepared and am a little intimidadted by how talented everyone […]

mapping and nature

My next painting assignment is to employ the formal technique of “Mapping” with a nature/environment theme. I’m not totally sure what mapping means in a 2-d art application. Mapping could be something like the video of fruit erroding. Or it could be mapping the progress of a disease, or mapping a snail’s path on a […]


Folsom has had the middle lane closed off around 6th street for several weeks now. It is a complete nightmare and us two wheeled motorized vehicles do everything we can to get away from the mad house. Sometimes I do a bad thing, I drive my scooter in the bicycle lane. I feel guilty every […]

school day

You know that elated feeling you had on the last day of school, when you walked off campus for the last time and were so full of joy to be free? That’s the feeling I get on Thursdays when I leave work to spend the day at school. I feel like singing “School’s out for […]

wacky summer

I have some exciting news to share. This summer I’m going to the South of France for a painting workshop. I can’t really believe it’s happening. I’m pretty damn excited. One bummer is that it means I’ll be away from Tom for up to three weeks. I haven’t been away from him for more than […]


Ug, I’ve been sick for a couple days. I feel better today but I slept until noon and I feel like something died in my mouth. I still managed to ship off my computer, write a paper and later I am going to class in Oakland. Yesterday despite feeling really aweful I got a table […]


I am really marvelling at the world today. There are dog treadmills. Do you know that? Take a look at Jog a dog. Also, did you know that if you apply for renter’s insurance, they ask you if you have a dog or a trampolene? I guess there are some risks they just aren’t willing […]

tom’s poem

I love you I miss you Sometimes I just want to see you. I realize that only a few hours ago we were both asleep in our bed, clinic and I can still feel the little kisses that you gave me as I was half asleep murmuring to myself listening to the radio. I still […]

crazy painting

Um, I made a crazy painting. I don’t know if it’s done yet. It’s pretty crazy. I’m kind of embarrassed to show it. But here it is anyway. It’s 30″ x 40″.

fantastic design

Hey, you wanna see a really great website design? Go here. I’m staying a little late at work tonight because I’ve been spinning my wheels and I’ve finally got a solid chunk of work I can sit down and get done. I want to get it done before tomorrow since I have to leave at […]

minor freak out

I had a little minor freak out session last night about my life and how my contract is just postponing my immenent failure of my dream of switching careers and that I should give it all up and not leave my day job. Once I was done freaking out about that, I decided come hell […]

tossing eggs off buildings

Remeber that science experiment you did in elementary where you had to insulate an egg somehow so that it could withstand being dropped from the roof of the science building? Well, what they don’t tell you is that it’s actually preparing you for that time in your life when you have to package something valuable […]

domestic mad woman

I went on some sort of domestic rampage today. I bought a new dish rack, sheets, pillow cases, light bulbs, aluminum foil, a new dining room table, a new pillow, and ltos of groceries and wine from Tradeer Joe’s. I was unstoppable. I would have bought a dresser if it had fit in our car […]

Farewell Johnny Carson

I grew up with Johnny Carson. I was born in 1970 and as a child, I’d sneak into the living room to watch Johnny. I had to talk my parents into letting me stay up late. I personally connected to Johnny because he was very shy. He had to face overwhelming stage fright every night […]