Sad the weekend’s gone

Where did it go? Yesterday we packed up my cat painting “Reclining Nude” to get it ready to ship off to Arlington VA to it’s new owner. We got Tom a new producer’s desk at Guitar Center and I spent the rest of the day studying at a cafe while Tom tore apart the apartment […]


I’m so distracted these days that last night I tried to put the frying pan away in the refridgerator. Last week, when was supposed to be going to the laundry room, I instead walked all the way out the gate of my apartment building before I realised I had no idea where I was going. […]

Sold a painting

I probably shouldn’t talk about it until all the Is are dotted and the Ts crossed but it looks like I have a buyer for Reclining Nude. I’m pretty happy about this because I think this painting deserves a good home. We have nowhere to hang it in our house anymore. Happy day!

happy friday

I’m dressed like a girl today. It feels nice to not feel like a slob. Maybe I should make fridays dress-up day. It’s hard to dress up when you know you are just going to get covered in paint. Um, gotta work! bye. Oh! I lost 4 pounds this week. Super duper! Oh! and I […]


At this precise moment, the sun is shining. Something I didn’t think I wuold see for another few days. It feels nice. I am sick. My work is a festering petri dish of disease and germs. This is my third illness since starting here ni late November. Luckily, they have all been pretty mild illnesses […]

yeah, IĆ¢??m a gadget geek

So, this week, Bradley told me to get a Flickr account and a Technorati account. Flickr is cool. It’s much cooler than I ever imagined it could be. You can take pictures from your camera phone and they will get posted directly to your weblog. Now this got me thinking. When I am in France, […]

monster factory

ote to self: find inspiration in these photos for your monster book. p.s. time is running out!

Phillip Guston made me cry

In a moment of utter frustration and despair, I went downstairs to the Gallery at the Gap to seek solace in some great art. I stood in front of Phillip Guston’s painting: The way things go. Of course I don’t know what was running through his head when he paintined it, but to me it […]

Look what I can do!

Holy crap! I painted this today. I have 3 – 4 sessions left on it probably but hell, what a great start. I felt so good to be doing an “Alanna painting” in oils. I really just did not like my experience last semester with acryllics. I feel like starting this painting today, fixed so […]

cereal boxes

I was looking for cereal boxes or scenes from old cereal commercials when I found this site. There’s too much fun stuff on here. lunch boxes, old packaging materials, toys, you name it.

freak out time

I’m having a minor freak out. I think I’ll be ok but I sorta have lots of plans this weekend and no time to work on my book. I have to get a good way through laying out the pages. I’m not even sure what monsters I’m going with or what they will be doing […]

Tuesday is ok

Hi, Today isn’t as bad as yesterday. I just had to learn to accept my fate yesterday. This job is teaching me patience and calm, or something like that. I had my first critique for my children’s book class last night. I was very under prepared and am a little intimidadted by how talented everyone […]

mapping and nature

My next painting assignment is to employ the formal technique of “Mapping” with a nature/environment theme. I’m not totally sure what mapping means in a 2-d art application. Mapping could be something like the video of fruit erroding. Or it could be mapping the progress of a disease, or mapping a snail’s path on a […]


Folsom has had the middle lane closed off around 6th street for several weeks now. It is a complete nightmare and us two wheeled motorized vehicles do everything we can to get away from the mad house. Sometimes I do a bad thing, I drive my scooter in the bicycle lane. I feel guilty every […]