so many paintings

I have so many paintings forming in my head and no time to paint them. I feel like I’m going to burst. Still, I’ll be able to start another one outside of the class assignment on Tuesday since it’ll take the class a while to get organized. You know what’s cool? 1970’s suburbs, cows and […]

work work work

I am trying to get all my homework done this weekend so that I can hang out with Oona on Wednesday. It’s her 5th birthday. I gotta get her some presents. Damn, what to get her. If you were 5 and you really liked pink, what would you want? I am almost done with my […]

saturday lazy

I can’t seem to get motivated to get any work done today. I slept in until 11:30. We had a pretty late night. We saw Nada Surf at the Great American Music Hall. They were once again, great. We had sushi and many beers throughout the night. Tom’s not feeling very good today. I switched […]

more on lobdell

After pouring through my Frank Lobdell book, I was having this very vivid dream tuesday night about the inner workings of machines and electronics and how I may have found my calling as an artist, to investigate the insides of things. I opened up this large machine and inside were pipes and knobs and switches […]

today is better

I wish I wasn’t such a broken record but oh well. I’m doing better today. I got a lot done at work and feel like the project is getting closer to completion. Yesterday I got pretty far on the muscle car painting. Should be done in a session or two. Last night I decided the […]

cracking up

I’m having a little anxiety attack today. I’m a little tired. It’s only Tuesday. I gotta hold it together. Just a couple more weeks. I can do it. When I’m done with the projcet I will say “That wasn’t all taht bad”. It’s just time.

Sad the weekend’s gone

Where did it go? Yesterday we packed up my cat painting “Reclining Nude” to get it ready to ship off to Arlington VA to it’s new owner. We got Tom a new producer’s desk at Guitar Center and I spent the rest of the day studying at a cafe while Tom tore apart the apartment […]


I’m so distracted these days that last night I tried to put the frying pan away in the refridgerator. Last week, when was supposed to be going to the laundry room, I instead walked all the way out the gate of my apartment building before I realised I had no idea where I was going. […]

Sold a painting

I probably shouldn’t talk about it until all the Is are dotted and the Ts crossed but it looks like I have a buyer for Reclining Nude. I’m pretty happy about this because I think this painting deserves a good home. We have nowhere to hang it in our house anymore. Happy day!

happy friday

I’m dressed like a girl today. It feels nice to not feel like a slob. Maybe I should make fridays dress-up day. It’s hard to dress up when you know you are just going to get covered in paint. Um, gotta work! bye. Oh! I lost 4 pounds this week. Super duper! Oh! and I […]


At this precise moment, the sun is shining. Something I didn’t think I wuold see for another few days. It feels nice. I am sick. My work is a festering petri dish of disease and germs. This is my third illness since starting here ni late November. Luckily, they have all been pretty mild illnesses […]