Disco in her crotch?

This also may have something to do with yesterday being 4/20, but I had a dream that I was an ob/gyn and my first patient, a friend, had a disco in her crotch. Complete with disco music, funky orange and white pattern on the wall, ala Miro, and tropical fish swimming around amongst funky bachelor […]

not studying

Hi, I’m not studying for my test right now. I only have an hour and a half before class too, which means I’m screwed. I might have to leave painting class early to go and study before the test. I’m just not motivated. I want to veg. Yesterday was a long day. I gotta say, […]

Holy crap

Today was so fricken busy. I had a 13 hour day which involved lumber, oil paint, miter saws, hot wax, gorilla glue, Fed Ex, art stores, burritos and diet coke. I am now up to 15 paintings, almost ready to go for the Saturday sale. I think I’ve cleared the city of all small D […]

Boy oh boy, busy busy

Hi, Last night was my last class for Children’s Book Illustration. Last night after class I mounted the first 4 new encaustic paintings on craddles. Today I woke up, worked on more craddles, went to Builder’s Supply to pick up some hanging hardware, then went off to the studio to work on more encaustics. At […]

post camping

We are back form big basin. It was nice but not the most relaxing weekend.we ended up next to a family with a toddler barely older than 1 year. She screamed bloody murder the whole night through and into the next day. On saturday we went on what started out as a casual hike but […]

Big Basin here we come

Well, today we head off to Big Basin for a couple of days of relaxation. I am so stressed with so much to do but I’m really glad we are taking off for a quick break. Last night I got all our camping gear out and even made some potato asparagus salad. This afternoon I […]

The Auction

Last night’s auction went really well. They had a great turnout. Nearly every piece of art was auctioned off. One piece that wasn’t, was one I really wanted but couldn’t afford. We looked at some of the paintings of Red Ink Studios painters. Really amazing stuff. One guy’s work, Michael(?) Elliman was just increadible. Very […]

super weirdo dream

I had such a strange dream. I’ll try to explain it best I can: There were holes in our dimension and crazy things were happening, someone in the future wanted us to stop this election from happening because if we could stop it, we could turn back time stop the destruction of this other dimension. […]


Here’s another painting I’m working on. It’s 16″ x 20″. The dinosaur painting from yesterday is 30″ x 40″. I don’t feel like leaving the house today. I have so much to do before the April 23rd Sparkanzoo Sale so I need to motor. But I’m tired and my allergies are making me a little […]

I Heart Destroy

Tom sent me a link to this site where people can design t-shirts and they get voted on. If they are popular enough, they get made into real live t-shirts. Kinda like pinnochio. Threadless.com. I instantly fell in love with a robot t-shirt that says “I heart destroy.” So I guess I’m now the proud […]

Hi, how are you?

Happy weekend time. Yesterday I painted 20 paintings at the same time. Neat huh? My art/craft sale thing is on the 23rd, not much time left. Next week I will be cranking away on these 20 paintings. Next Wednesday is the Artspan Auction at California Modern on Market between 6th and 7th. Are you going? […]

Here’s what tree I fall from

Lime Tree (Doubt) – intelligent, prostate hard working, viagra sale accepts what life dishes out, but not before trying to change bad circumstances into good ones, hates fighting and stress, enjoys getaway vacations, may appear tough, but is actually soft and relenting, always willing to make sacrifices for family and friends, has many talents but […]

good student

Holy moley, I did not one, but two Western Civ papers today. These papers have really been driving me nuts lately and after finishing one this morning I thought, heck, why not get the other one out of the way so you can enjoy more painting next week. And look at me now, two papers […]

More on Toby

I just found another site that is suspiciously like save toby: Save Bernd. Is Toby just a copycat with more web savvy? That kinda bums me out. More on Toby, decease read this Washington Post article.

Save Toby the Bunny

Here is the beginning of a painting inspired by the website SaveToby.com. I call it “Wash up before dinner.” I saw this website last night and I just about fell on my face. The story goes: a man decided to ask for $50,000 by June 30th in exchange for sparing a very cute bunny’s life. […]